Common Types Of Garage Doors Used

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Garages are among the important sections in your homes since it is where you park your vehicle as it keeps the fluid and oil stabilized, which increases performance efficiency of an engine. But also part of the garages are the ways they allow entry of such vehicles to keep. And not many know it, but there are actually different types of garage doors, and here are the most common types.

Swing out Garage Doors

This type, as the name suggests, swing the doors outside to open, covering quite a lot of floor area compared to other categories. On the upside, it can be automatic (which can be controlled remotely) or manually opened. For automatic garage, there are available Merlin garage door motor repairs that could ease out the troubles you may face. Meanwhile, the swing out type is ideal if you have much driveway space to maneuver your vehicle, and also if you want a more classic look or sophisticated theme for your home. They are akin to the past eras where horse carriages are being kept at a time where engines and vehicles are not yet invented, that’s why they are also known as “carriage-house” type.

Roll-up Garage Doors

This type of garage door is used for homes with a limited driveway space which will not be possible to maneuver the car around. Also, this is perfect for smaller garages, as the area for swinging the door in and out may not be ideal. When opening roll-ups, as per its name, the partition rolls up instead of covering a lot of area to be cleared upon opening. Roll-up doors are not also known for their space saving advantage, they also make the best automatic or remote controlled ones. Although this is most suited to be used if you are not planning to use anything else on the roof or ceiling of your garage. But the convenience of using it is one of the reasons it’s chosen by many residential, aside from being sturdy. But for chances of issues, there are available roller door repairs to help you out.

Bi-fold Garage Doors

These are the kinds of garage entrances that fold to the sides when being opened. They don’t cover much floor area when being opened, thanks to its folding mechanism possible through the hinges at the vertical portions of the door. There are usually no automatic variants of this type. The good thing about this is that it is not heavy unlike other types, and swing only to cover the same floor area an average door does. The disadvantage of using such type is that snow can make the opening very difficult to manage.