Common Interior Floors You Might Like

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Deciding for the interior may take a lot of effort and considerations. Whether you are just putting up a new home or in the middle of a renovation phase, it is important that you dedicate some time into your interior if you want it to look so awesome. And we’re here to help you with one important part of every interior: the floor! Here are some options for your flooring that you might want to consider.

Vinyl floors

Usually of tiles, vinyl has been growing prominence when it comes to floor types as it is indeed a very practical option for most shoppers. Aside from having great resistance from slipping, it also feels warmer as compared to other flooring such as those made up of ceramics. They are perfect for areas in the home that are susceptible from moisture exposure and spillage of liquids, like in the bathroom or laundry area.

Timber and bamboo flooring

There are still many homeowners out there who just prefer the appeal that a floor made out of wood offers. Not only does it look astonishing and classy with any interior style you might prefer, it also lasts for long. There are timber pieces that are dedicated for parquetry flooring, which could add up to a sense of style when it comes to your wooden floor. Bamboos are also great sources of flooring material. They are also similar with wood floors in terms of various aspects like maintenance and durability, in which case, they must be finished with a coat to give more grip and prevent slippery feeling.

Ceramic floors

Whether it is in a form of tiles or not, ceramic flooring has been among the most common option for a lot of households because of the diversity of options available for this type of flooring that would most definitely suit varying preferences. There are available variants for bathrooms and kitchen, for instance, and you may ask a flooring company Sydney for some suggestions. Ceramic flooring gives colder feeling when stepped on.


Like with the ceramic floors, carpets are also among the floor options with a wide array of style options to choose from. The installation is also easier compared to other floor counterparts. The texture that you might get with a carpet floor is soft and could minimize the noise of the steps when walking on it. It is perfect for rooms upstairs, however, it is very limited in terms of where you would want to install it. For instance, you wouldn’t want a carpet on your kitchen, dining room, pantry, or bathroom, which are home areas that are more vulnerable from staining and exposed to moisture.