How To Grow A Buffalo Grass Lawn

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Buffalo is the type of turf type that most people use to grow their lawns. This preferred by many as it is hardy and easy to maintain. Now one of the first things that you need to do before you star planting is to see if the soil is suitable. For this type of turf usually most soils except sandy soils would work. Then if you are planning on starting your lawn from zero you must ensure that you remove any other type of grass that you already have growing in the desired area. Then you must make sure that the soil has all the nutrients it needs before you start planting.

Of course if the area that you are planting contains slopes a more lax removal should be observed so as to not cause erosion. Furthermore dampness is bad for best buffalo grass so ensure that there is a proper drainage system before you start planting as this would be very costly and time consuming for you to do later on. Irrigation is very important to the overall growth of your lawn.

Following that if you are planning on using seeds to plant you must establish based on the area the proper seeding rate. That means the density of seeds that you would use. Then you can begin planting. One thing that you need to ensure is that refrain from placing the seeds anything below ½ inch below the surface as this has been said to be the most optimal depth the plant your best buffalo grass seeds to get the best results. Once you have finished planting you must take care to see that lawn gets a good amount of moisture. This was why I stressed upon the importance of irrigation. This is especially important in the initial stages of growing because moisture is essential for good germination. Of course too much water would cause other unwanted problems. So ensure that that the soil gets just the right amount of water.

Your other option would be to use plugs or sods to do the job. When it comes to planting sods you must ensure that the soil is well prepared and level. It is also advisable that you give a lot of water to the sod after it has been placed on the soil because it cannot directly draw water from the soil for some time. The other method is using plugs. Plugs are a cheaper method of planting this type of turf but it will take some time so you need to be patient. You need to place them in rows and ensure that you water them properly as well. Most importantly you need to take good care of your lawn during the growing process to ensure you get the best results so there cannot be any slacking on you part.