Tips For Growing The Greatest Sunflowers

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Sunflowers are seemingly the easiest of flowers to grow in your yard. You can even sometimes see sunflowers in your yard when you have not even planted them and in instances will end up being invasive to the native plants. But this situation only occurs in some areas while in other places the flowers are hard to maintain and grow. So for those who want to see sunflowers the size of dinner plates flowering in their yards, here are some tips to consider.

Get the proper variety of sunflowers

Like any plant, there are varieties of sunflowers that thrive in a specific type of environment. There are new introductory varieties that have different coloured flowers and different petals and such. There are different types of sunflowers like California Greystripe, Russian Mammoth and regular Mammoth. The traditional varieties are more reliable to grow in almost all conditions and even throughout harsh conditions. But the traditional varieties are more likely to fall over due to rain and wind and some extra large flowers, so you can go for a modified version recommended by your gardener or shop owners.

Preparing the bed

The seeds must be planted in a proper bed or a planter. If you are going to keep the plant inside the house then you will have to go for one that is deep enough and strong enough to hold a plant that grows several feet like the ones available at garden pots in Perth.

You have to make sure whichever planter you buy the large garden pots in Melbourne from are placed at a place which gets full sunlight while the sun is in the horizon or otherwise the plant will not bloom. The soil must have a drain system and also have a lot of nutrients for the plant to grow tall and strong. Usually going for your own homemade compost and someday compost methods online will help you grow the plant without ending up with drained and chemical filled soil (seaweed, tea bags, egg shells are some examples).

Sowing and thinning

If you want large sized flowers then you will need to sow the seed properly and directly into the bed and then transfer it to the planter or wherever you want it displayed. Sunflowers are plants that have extended taproots which grow at an accelerated pace and are easily stunted if it does not have enough space to maneuver itself.

You will need to water the plant from seed stage and with a good spray so as not to damage the plant. Also feed the plant with good organic fertilizer on a regular basis.