Commercial Roller Shutters:

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Roller shutter repairs in Macarthur are usually installed by commercial or industrial companies, as they offer increased night security. They are often installed in car parks, shopping malls and commercial and industrial buildings. There are usually two different types of situations when blinds are important. The first is when a store or a company does not have a front door that they can secure. For example, shops in shopping malls are open to public areas within the shopping Centre, and large commercial shops, car shops and garages are open to the outdoor environment. The second example is where a store has a front door with a lock, but it also requires additional security. This may include companies that sell high value items, such as jewelers or pledged brokers, but also stores located in top-risk areas.  

Clearly, if your store is inside a mall, then you need to install the blinds as a safety precaution during the night, but if your company is not inside a mall, do you really need to install security shutters? Since safety is a good reason to install shutters on the outside of your store or commercial premises, here are 3 benefits that you can consider (with the exception of safety). Storm and hail damage can cause thousands of dollars of damage to store fronts, especially if you have large glass windows along the front of the tent. A solid roller shutter can give you the protection you need to avoid undue damage due to extreme weather conditions.  

Fires are a common occurrence in Australia and all that is needed is burning glow to cause countless damage to your store. A fixed roll construction shutter can give you the protection you need from the burning glow that flows through the air, giving you peace of mind and avoiding a disaster in the manufacturing industry. You don’t have to sacrifice the look of your business for the added safety’s sake, because your security blinds can be designed to match your brand and still give you the protection you need. 

All commercial roller shutters in Campbelltown contain the same basic components; Slate Curtain, guide channels and box containing shaft assembly and motor (if electrically operated). The size of the Guide channel and box depends on the size of the opening and the type of plate used. In practice, the slate option is driven by four main factors; Size, Budget, security and visual level. A wide variety of designs, materials and operating options mean that the commercial prices of blinds can vary considerably. For example, a 3m wide shutter around 2.5 m high, electrically powered through the key switch and in a standard color, can cost anywhere from £1 for a solid steel shutter to more than £3 000 for an insured of design insurance approved Pula Elite (LPCB SR2 nominal) with Polycarbonate inserts.  

Steel products have a standard galvanized finish. Aluminum products usually come with the choice of standard colors such as white, brown and gray. If you can’t find a color that meets your requirements, almost all shutter profiles can be powder-coated any RAL color at an additional cost.  All trade blinds are available in a source only base, but most customers want one of our experienced national engineering teams to install. The main reason blinds are used in retail and industrial environments is the higher level of safety they offer. They can protect their actions and assets, making their property extremely difficult to break into. There are several solutions available for locks, depending on where the hatches are installed and how you intend to use them. roller-shutter