Themed Garage Doors That Reflect Your Style And Personality

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Themed garage doors are the latest fad in home improvement and outdoor décor. A garage door is something that is seen prominently on the outdoor face of a house. It gives good scope for customization and personal styling which, if done with a touch of creativity can add style to the entire house. Here are some exclusive themes that you can choose on your garage doors. Pick the best that suits and reflects your personality.

1. Sports themed garage doors
Are you a diehard football fan or a baseball fanatic? Garage doors offer a large space for you to sow your passion and loyalty for your favorite football club. Having a large size logo or emblem of the club, spanning the entire expanse of the garage door imprinted will display how strong your affection is for the game. Zip track blinds price which come in plain colors can be easily decorated using spray paints and flex prints to personalize your garage doors.
2. Turn your garage door into a work of art
Fancy some ancient murals and Da Vinci paintings adorning your garage doors? Ancient murals, paintings of abstract nature can make your garage door appear to be a piece of art with the use of common spray paints available from your nearest hardware shop. You can also go a step ahead and ask a street artist to artist to create something exclusive and ground breaking for your garage door. You can ask the artist to paint separate sections of the painting on zip track blinds and them combine them together on installation to get the big picture.
3. Architecture, landscape, nature and what not
Unique architecture, monuments and natural landscapes look great on screens. They look even grander when you hem fixed as facades for your garage doors. Do away with plain and blunt garage doors and add some style to them with screens printed with architectural installation, landscapes, etc. You will be wondered at the kind of beauty that these visible installations can bring to your garage doors.
4. Customized makeovers
With garage doors the possibilities of customization are endless. You can regard them as plain canvases on which an artist can work any magic using images, colors and symmetry. Don’t let ordinary designs blind your creative traits. Free feel to customize your garage doors with the help of a design consultant or an artist.
Upgrading or replacing a garage door can cost a fortune. Sometimes a slight facelift is more than sufficient to camouflage its visible wear and tear. Themed garage doors are a great way of enhancing their appearance without having to incur heavy costs. They also give a unique way of showcasing your likes and passion in a big way.