Popular Low-Tech Ways Of Keeping The House Cool

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Conservation of energy is the hottest topic always among earth lovers and if this conversation thing starts at home, then nothing can beat that. Saving energy while passing every second on the face of Earth is a noble thought which should be passed on to generations. This can surely make Earth a better place to live in for you as well as your future inhabitants.
Use of air-conditioner has become a thing of luxury, but what is usually ignored is the huge carbon print that it leaves. Not only does it bring humungous rise to the energy bills, it also contributes nastily to hot temperatures in the surrounding. Hence, if you reduce the usage of air conditioner to bare minimum and make use of insulation batts, you may land upon long lasting as well as energy efficient way of tacking hot weathers.
Warmer temperatures can also be maintained by use of hot water running through walls. This is achieved with the help of insulating routes which are developed as mesh between the walls and inner space. Hot water required for these can be obtained with the help of solar heaters. Apart from this, hot water is also required for a variety of purposes such as dishwashing, bathing, washing linen etc. Installation of solar heaters can help you have ample supply of hot water without ripping the pocket apart by paying huge energy bills. Considering thermal insulation installation is a very good ideas in these cases.
Insulation batts are anytime cheaper as compared to what you pay as utility charges on monthly basis. These help you make the home more energy-efficient by maintaining cooler temperatures in hot season and ensuring warmer interiors in ice cold weathers. In the absence of these batts in cold countries, wearing lots of warm clothes become a necessity and you may find considerable loss in your activity level due to exhaustion caused by clothing overload as well as shivering.
You are not supposed to stay at home all the 24 hours of a day. So, make your home intelligent by using thermostats. When the house is empty, simply put the thermostat on. This can reduce the cooling or heating of specified gadgets, thereby, bringing down the size of utility bills extraordinarily.
Use of decorative lamps extracting lot of electricity units should be avoided. Instead, CFL or LED based bulbs can be fit inside a decorative frame. This allows you to save on electricity usage without compromising on the aesthetics of household.
While living in locations which are sunlit for the most part of a day, use of adjustable blinds is advisable. Blinds can be set at favorable angle reducing the trapping of heat caused by sun rays. These also look very classy and allow the inflow of fresh air to the home or office interiors appreciably.
Thus, follow these simple practices and make your house energy-intelligent.
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