Making the Best of Small Living Spaces


As much as we would all love to live in large homes, sometimes we just have to make do with what we have. With property prices sky rocketing, this is a reality for a lot of us. But what many people do not realize is that small living spaces can be deceivingly spacious. It’s simply a matter of well-thought out room arrangements and working with the notion that every room has eight corners.


Let’s start with the bedroom. The fundamental solution for making space in little bedrooms is opting for a wall bed or a Murphy bed. These beds that can simply be folded into the wall are great for freeing up large volumes of space while ensuring that comfort does not go compromised. If your home is short on rooms, using a Murphy bed can even help you convert your bedroom into a home office during the day. Get more space saving and organizing ideas over at this site

Living room

Your living room is where you will have the opportunity to set a great first impression for guests you may have over; friends, family or even prospective romantic partners. Use this space wisely. Don’t clutter it with large volumes of little furniture or accessories but use small volumes of large, sectional furniture. Remove any unnecessary walls. This can be the root cause for lack of space or high traffic areas within your home. There are plenty of tradesmen who can help you with that but it can be done by yourself with a little online research. Another rookie mistake is to think horizontally and waste a lot of vertical space. Accessories like vases, photo frames and wall arts can go on top of cabinets, tables and other surfaces. Every inch of the room counts; so do not let vertical space go unaccounted for.

Kitchen and Laundry

It’s not easy to be deceptive with kitchen space but it’s possible to increase capacity and accessibility by carefully planning what goes where. Canisters, for example, can easily take up space on your counter. So look about your room and figure out if canisters and utensils can be hung on unused spaces. Make the best of cupboards, including the inside of cupboard doors. Laundry spaces have become less of an issue in recent times. While your washing machine may demand a little chunky area, portable clothes lines and fold out ironing boards free up large amounts of space.

A portable clothes line, for instance, can be assembled anywhere in the house. So don’t worry about allocating one general area for this purpose. Fold out ironing boards have the same advantage as Murphy beds. Once used, this can simply go back into a cupboard or a drawer.

These ideas for maximizing living spaces can not only help you live spaciously and comfortably, but may actually come in handy when setting a good first impression to prospective buyers, when you have the opportunity to move into a better place.