How To Brighten Up Your Windows

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Most often we neglect the window panes of our homes, which can really make a difference to the look of a house from outside. For home owners it is easier to work on the inside of the home than the outside. However, from time to time the cleaning of the windows is necessary. Those who attempt to clean their windows themselves need to stock up on paper towels and solution for glass cleaning. Often, these solutions also leave marks after the process is completed, which makes a person feel frustrated, realizing that the hard work did not result in spotless clean glass panes.
Home made solutions
There are certain home made solutions that can act as effective solutions for removing dirt from the glass panes. Mixing ammonia and rubbing alcohol along with vinegar will have the effect of making a solution that will help to remove the dirt from the glass panels. Again, simply a mixture of detergent and warm water used with a sponge can help to clean the glass panes effectively. It is best to apply the solution by spraying on the glass panes which can be removed with a paper towel. In certain cases, when the windows are very dirty, one might have to apply lots of detergent water on the glass panes and then wipe them clean. For windows that are located on the upper floors and are difficult to reach, opting for an exterior house cleaning service would be a good option.
Wipes found at home
There are ways of figuring out the best wipes for cleaning windows. Usually old rags made from torn t shirts or paper towels can be effectively used to wipe off the dirt from the windows. In case one has an uneven sponge, this can be used to apply the cleaning solution onto the glass. Squeegee is often used to wipe off the solution easily from the glass windows without leaving streaks behind. For those who do not have the necessary tools or the time, they can refer to an external house cleaning service. Want to find out more cleaning services for the outside of your house, visit this article for details.

Preparations to make
It is important that one does not start the wet cleaning procedure immediately. They should first remove all kinds of dirt or debris from the windows which are loose and can be easily dusted off. The dirt that sticks to the panes can be removed by applying the solution.
Find an expert service
Cleaning windows is no easy task. Most homes have numerous windows that are difficult to reach. Again, cleaning the outside might not be as easy as reaching the insides. For these reasons, leaving the thorough cleansing of the window panes can be left to the experts.