Gracie\\\\\\\’s Wish List From the Lottery

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This week’s lottery is set at ZAR2 million. Gracie does not usually enter the Lotto but felt that she should this week. There are many things she would do if she did win the jackpot. I’d invest most of the money in unit trusts, she thought. But there is a fair amount I could use to improve my life.

The car and the house were the first things she needed to pay off. Next she would do some bathroom renovations in Templestowe. The look was drab, not like any decent bathroom should look. This is the one room in the house that should be uplifting to everyone who uses it.

The bathroom renovations would be a high priority. Her mother would invite guests over just to show it off. Granted the stylish home designs Morington Peninsula.

One thing that Gracie promised herself that she wouldn’t do was resign from her job. All to often she has seen people win the lottery and believe that their financial problems for the rest of their lives had been resolved. Money works as the ebb and flow of the tide works. You get some, you use it up, you get some more and use it up. Of course one can save, but that is more for a rainy day than it is to become a millionaire.

A job represents security that money on its own does not represent. One could be a millionaire and still be insecure. At least this was her philosophy.

She would also plant a herb garden with Rosemary, Chamomile, peppermint and lavender. The first three herbs would be used to make herbal tea and the last to put in the bath. The aroma gives one a sense of serenity.

The thought of taking a holiday on a tropical island tempts her, but she knows that she could have just as much of a holiday here in South Africa.

After all of that, she could think of nothing better than living her life as she has been living it.

There is so much that she feels that she has already that wishing for more and more would interfere with the calm this attitude brings.

She knows that the wish list of others would be much longer if they won it. On some level she wanted it to be longer, but on another she liked it just the way it was: short, sweet and simple.

Another very important rule that she would follow if she would win the lottery: Gracie would not tell anyone that she’d won.