Getting Ready For Going On Holiday

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Holidays are really exciting and should be a lot of fun, so it’s really important that you prepare your home properly for when you leave it, as this will not only ensure that your house is safe and secure, but you’ll also have more peace of mind when you’re away. If you’re planning on going away soon and want to take all the necessary precautions to help ensure that no damage comes to your property or belongings, here are some ideas. Link here to gain ideas about emergency plumber that can carry out all your plumbing needs with no fuss.
Trust a Neighbour
If you’re friends with a neighbour, it might be a good idea to leave a spare set of keys to your home with them so that they’re able to get in should anything happen whilst you’re away. This way, if, for example, your house alarm is set off, or a water pipe bursts in your home, your neighbour will be able to get into the house and fix the issue for you. If you don’t really have any neighbours that you would trust with a key, you could ask a good friend or family member to take a set of keys and check your house regularly whilst you’re away to make sure that everything’s ok.
Turn Things Off
Not only do you not want to be lumbered with large bills when you get back, leaving things such as electrical items on for long periods of time an unattended can also be a fire hazard. Take some time to go through your home before you leave and make sure that all electrical items are switched off and unplugged from the mains where possible. If possible, it is also a good idea to turn off your hot water systems from the mains, as water running through the pipes could cause leaks and burst pipes that may cause damage to your home whilst you’re on holiday. Check beforehand whether or not your hot water systems in Joondalup are shared with any other houses, though, as you don’t want to turn somebody else’s water off as well.
Secure the Home
Before setting off, you should make sure that all windows are closed and locked, doors are shut and locked where they can be, and that any valuables are out of sight. If needed you could close curtains or blinds, however, having your blinds or curtains shut for a long period of time could be a sign to potential thieves that the house is empty. You should also make sure that your burglar alarm is fully functional and switched on.