Choosing Colours: What Are You In The Mood For?

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The colours you see around you can have a significant impact on your mood. Have you ever wondered why you feel calmed down and peaceful when you look up at a clear blue sky or at the greenery outside your window? It is because the colour blue is closely related to water and therefore evokes a feeling of cool freshness to the mind while green also indicates purity and freshness, which hints your brain that what you are seeing is new. Different colours suggest various such moods and they can be used in your home to fit in with your personality, style and attitude. Here are some of the shades recommended by colour consultants that you can consider to paint your walls in to set the mood or fit in with yours;
For the Bold and Energetic Individual
If you characterize yourself as an energetic person who has a bright and vibrant personality, then choose your house painting in shades of red, orange and yellow. These colours are well suited for the daring quality of your personality and will enhance and further strengthen your level of energy. Red also stimulates the brain and increases its level of activity. It is therefore a great colour to use in your living room because it will encourage conversation and interaction. Orange brings out feelings of enthusiasm and excitement and is another energetic colour to use if you want to increase the level of vigor in a room. Yellow is what is called the ‘happy colour’ as it reminds of sunshine, and will evoke joy and cheerfulness. While it can be considered a stimulant to the nerves, yellow can also be a colour that annoys some people. So if you are not a big fan of the colour, it is better to avoid using it as a shade to paint your walls with.
For the Soul that is Seeking Relaxation
Choose cooler colours such as green and blue for house painting if you want to set a more relaxed and tranquil setting. Lighter shades of green and blue will assist in reducing blood pressure by calming the nerves. Darker shades can leave an already poorly lit room looking dull and dark, and can even bring out emotions of sadness and gloominess. So keep the shades light for a cooler look. Green is the most relaxing colour for the eyes to look at. If you are in a stressful environment or if you tend to work from home a lot, it is recommended that you use light shades of green on your walls to increase your level of relaxation and calmness.
For the One who Wants Sophistication and Luxury

If you want to create a look of luxury in your home, then purple is the best colour to pick for your walls. In darker shades, purple suggests opulence and grandeur but will leave a room looking too dark during the day if there is little natural light. Lighter shades such as lavender will remind you of flowers which can induce feelings of happiness. Even grey and black when used as accents will bring forth a quiet yet visible look of elegance in the bedroom or living area.