Check List To Keep Your Home Safe

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Almost every house owner, in one way or another, worried about the safety and security of their house. You necessarily need not have a panic room or a fancy thumbprint identification system installed, but there are few simple and unsophisticated measures you could take to ensure the safety of your family. If you are not different to many house owners, the chances are that you may not have paid extra attention to ensure how your house could be a buglers paradise This home safety  checklist will assist you with surveying conceivable shortcomings in your home, so you can recognize and fix shortcomings that will otherwise make your house defenceless.

  • Are the entryways well lit at night?

While many house owners pay extra attention to security camera systems and other sophisticated safety measures, the most recommended cctv cameras system is that prevents a theft in the first place and install a wide range of top-quality systems. A well lit entryway is one excellent anti-theft measure. If you have invested in an excellent outdoor lighting arrangement where everyone can see your house in dark, any unwelcomed guest would think twice before entering your premises. It is a good idea to consult a security agency specialised in home safety when planning your entryway and outdoor lighting system.

  • Do you frequently check the locks and keys?

The most fundamental measure to keep ensures your home security systems is to check the safety of the locks. Although there any many fancy door lock systems are in market today, none of them would be of any value if the keys falls into the hands of any outsiders you would not want near your house. Make sure to change locks when you shift to a new house and keep a record of any third parties who has access to your keys. Having said it, it is a good idea to keep a spare set of keys with a trustworthy neighbour in case of an emergency.

  • Do you keep doors unlocked at night or when you leave home?

It won’t take long for a thief to break into your property, predominantly if the doors are kept unlocked. Even if you are leaving home for couple of minutes, you should always make sure to keep the doors locked. Also make sure you keep the doors locked at night.

  • Have you installed motion-sensor lights?

The exact opposite thing of what a burglar would expect is a spot light. Install motion-sensor lighting system in your house and make a strong warning to unwelcomed individuals saying you have taken extra measures to ensure the safety of your property.