6 Insanely Adventurous Home Design Ideas You Need To Try Right Now

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Home design is like a never-ending adventure – and why end it? Mixing the furniture and the colors is among the funniest thing you can do with your house in the quest to transform it into a cozy home. Here are the most insane ideas which can work in your house to define your personality. And yes, they are bold!
A rainbow of colors
In a white and neutral environment you can use parts of the house to add color. Paint a rainbow on your staircase or on your affordable vertical blinds at Liverpool to enjoy a subtle, yet very bold design statement. It will make your house a fun place and it will definitely add personality to it. Just don’t do it in a rent house.
Glittering walls
Did you know you can add glitter in your painting? You know now! If colors are not your way, glitter is the perfect add on for your plantation shutters at Campbelltown, walls and even floors. You can add more or less in the paint and when the dark falls you will feel amazing walking in your glittering rooms. It’s also a great way to enhance the kid’s room, so try it on!
Hide by making it pop
Paint the pipes and the radiator in a bright color to make them the accent in the room. This works great if you want to hide them in the full view. Because you can never really hide the pipes in your apartment.
Boost creativity in the kid’s room
If the kid is bored, you can encourage him or her to paint. On the walls. To skip the nasty surprises install paint-in wallpaper in your nursery and enjoy your kid’s creative juices without having to worry about cleaning the walls after the latest painting session.
Mismatched tiles as the backsplash
Your kitchen deserves some color and you deserve something easy to clean. In other words, you need mismatched tiles with an intricate, Arabian-flavored set of mini-tiles. They will add color and personality in your kitchen and they are easy to keep clean, due to the mix of bold colors. And there is more: you can add blinds in one of the colors on your backsplash tiles to make the room look more structured.
Paint a false rug
Ever wanted to have a rug on your porch or hallway? Here is the simple solution to the problem: paint it! You can paint your blinds to resemble curtains, so why not paint the floor to resemble a rug? Just pick a pattern and couple of colors and start painting!